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Three Weeks in Amsterdam

During the Fall of 2016 I spent three weeks in Amsterdam and a few nearby towns. After just a day there I knew it was a special place for me. From the charming canals to the architecture I had fallen in love. The public transportation is top notch and you can get anywhere in the city by tram or bike. Bikes rule this city and you best learn quickly where the bike lanes are! After I stepped into the bike lane a few times and was met by a stern yell or flipped off I was humbled. The museums are some of the best in Europe. I visited Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and The Museum of Contemporary Art and they are all set close together in Museumplein. A lovely way to see Amsterdam is from a canal boat. Fortunately I was there during the Festival of Lights in December.





Artists create these art installations along the canals for Festival of Lights each December.



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